Title: New Bangla Hot HD Full Movie Basanta Utsav (2013) Free Download Now
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It's a bouquet of five stories that are not interwoven but run parallely. A concoction of love...
It's a bouquet of five stories that are not interwoven but run parallely. A concoction of love, passion, lust and emptiness — relationships unfold amidst Holi celebrations in Santiniketan, thus justifying the title of Rhitabrata Bhattacharya's debut film, Basanta Utsav.
New Bangla Hot HD Full Movie Basanta Utsav (2013) Free Download Now
Cast: Arunima Ghosh, June, Pijush Ganguly, Priyam, Subrat Dutt, Laboni Sarkar, Mousumi, Pradip Mukherjee and Rhitabrata Bhattacharya
Direction: Rhitabrata Bhattacharya
Genre: Drama
Release date:31 March 2013

Abhishikta (Arunima) comes to Santiniketan from Kolkata to be a part of Basanta Utsav, where she meets Neel ( Priyam), a budding sculptor and a student at the university. Neel offers to be Abhishikta's guide during her stay in the town. Neel is clueless about her real identity. Over the next three days, Neel explores his love for her.

Trina (PiyaliMunshi) is a college student who gets involved in a relationship with a married man, Prof Anargha (PijushGanguly). Trina and Anargha had planned the trip to Santiniketan so that they could spend some time together during Holi. But during the course of the film, Trina realizes that Anargha wants to get physically intimate with her and has no emotional attachment whatsoever. Trina is heartbroken when she sees Anargha with his wife, Sumitra (June) at the DolUtsav.

The reason for Lina's (LaboniSarkar) visit to Santiniketan is to meet her old friend. On reaching there, she learns from an elderly Prof Abinash that her friend has left the town years ago. However, Lina and Abinash bond instantly. He is in for a shock when Lina tells him that she is suffering from cancer.

TV reporter Ritrin (RhitabrataBhattacharya) camps at Santiniketan to cover BasantaUtsav. There he meets Abirlal (Subrat), a DVD shop owner, who seeks Ritrin's help to solve the murder mystery of his neighbour's wife ( Mousumi), whom he was in love with. Ritrin assures to help him once he is done with the assignment at hand. Then, something happens and Ritrin gets upset. But the show must go on...

The stories might seem interesting on paper, but when translated on screen, come across as only an extension of a 'feature story', as we call it — with 'human interest angle' in place. Sadly, the film doesn't entertain. Extremely low on content, most of the actors disappoint in the acting department with their one-dimensional portrayal, except for maybe PradipMukherjee and Subrat, who are natural in their body language and expressions.

Mousumi is fairly okay while Arunima, despite her accent and affectations a la Sushmita Sen, is tolerable. Piyali and Pijush's episode is melodramatic and gets irritating after a point. June looks pretty but could have done better as Pijush's much-neglected wife. You expect a lot more from an accomplished actor like Pijush, but here, his half-hearted performance is a let down. For all her raving and ranting, Piyali, with her amateurish acting, fails to impress. Considering the kind of experience Rhitabrata has in the audio-visual medium, he appears visibly conscious in front of the camera. It is high time Priyam should concentrate on his diction. The manner in which he says 'I love you' to Arunima, sounds more comical than emotional.

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