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Title: New Hot HD Bangla Full Movie Amar Bodyguard (2013) Free Download
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Rich girl meets average bloke, dumps him for NRI hubby. Average bloke goes on a revenge spree.   New Hot HD Bangla Full Movie Amar Bodyg...
Rich girl meets average bloke, dumps him for NRI hubby. Average bloke goes on a revenge spree. 

 New Hot HD Bangla Full Movie Amar Bodyguard (2013) Free Download
Cast: Ridhima Ghosh, Pratiek, Tapas Paul
Direction: Haranath Chakraborty
Genre: Romance
Release Date :31 March 2013
Before we proceed to the review, a humble request by the unfortunate soul that the reviewer is: this movie is not to be confused as the Bangla remake of the Salman-Bebo starrer Bolly blockbuster, Bodyguard. Also, if you happen to be a martial arts practioner, be prepared to first empty your brain, unlearn those kicks, punches and blocks you have learned. Pity if you are a black belt!

Newbie Pratik is Anol and all he's capable of is bashing up baddies or spending the rest of his waking hours in bed, sleeping. But that is not to undermine his supernatural ability - uttering unintelligible, gagging noises when applying the roundhouse kick on para goons. It goes something like this, "Ugghhhugghh".

Ridhima plays his lady love, Aankhi, whose main agenda, apart from driving down the New Town highway, bestie in tow, to the mall to do some shopping is to break out into a cacophonous giggle. While viewers wait patiently for her to be silent, a note on the hapless director, Haranath Chakraborty. Famed for churning out Tolly potboilers, Haranath surprised movie buffs with his screen adaptation of Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay's spook tale, Chayamoy. The movie garnered good reviews and had a grand opening at one of the prestigious theatres in the city. The case with Amar Bodyguard is different. It seems like Haranath had taken a break from filmmaking and had nothing to do when the idea of making such a classic fail struck him. The telltale signs are scattered throughout the film - borrowed footages, bad production quality, horrendous wardrobe and a lame storyline. But we digress...

So when Anol is not going "Ugghhhugghh" and Aankhi is not doing "Khikkhikkhik", the two disappear into the clouds of a hill station and do things that lovers do! What's more, they even take off to Goa and do a Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi ishtyle dance competition. But that's where their romance comes to a screeching halt. Much like the police officer's (Tapas Paul) car at regular intervals throughout the film. More on that later.

Haranath's attempt is sincere but lacks conviction. He's tried to portray all that plagues the average Indian society - apathy towards the nation, safety of women and the pangs of unemployment (There's a scene where Anol's dad rues, "Chakrir bajar ta khubi kharap"). It's his cast and crew that lets him down. No doubt the movie had a dated release (We hear it was waiting in the wings for 2 years). As for the cast, Ridhima has moved on to more urban projects, the youth-centric flick Rangmilanti being one of them. The only refreshing quality about her was her fab bod. She was clad mostly in minis, hot pants and spaghettis and we won't mince our words when we say it was delightful to experience leg show sans the cellulite!

Pratik? No sign of him so far so we'll move on to the big star of the movie - Tapas Paul who plays a respectable police officer with an irritating sidekick. But his role stuck to more dialoguebaji than real action. Always on time to arrive at the crime scene - precisely to sum up the moral and probable motive of the crime since the culprit almost always escapes before Mr 'Dependable' reaches. Here's a howler: after Aankhi's pad has been ransacked by a masked intruder, here's what our respectable police officer had to say, "Prathomic bhabe mone hochhe......... Eta ekta MYSTERIOUS case..."


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